Xmas Shopping with a friend – Soulfood for a Sensitives‘ Soul

The Xmas season is a season full of rituals, magick and beauty. It is a season that literally calls for rituals, big or small. And we all have them, whether they are consciously executed or not. Rituals are deeply nourishing for our body, mind and soul.

Creating your own Xmas rituals is a vital part of living your unique Xmas lifestyle, and make the Holy Days something to look forward to.


Rituals have been a pillar of civilization for aeons. They give us meaning, stability, hope and connection to the deepest parts of us and when it comes to the 5th Season, to something bigger than us. The archaic message of Christmas is millennia older than the invention of Christmas. It is the ever-present reminder of our connection to the light, the sun as our life source.

During the winter months, the earth and all its fruits retreat into hibernation. There are only cold, silence and rigidity, and no amount of forcing or trying on our part will speed up the natural course of nature, of life. We have to sit it out, be patient, wait.

In the early days, this was harsh on the people and in certain countries it still is, as resources were scarce, and the icy fingers of winter greedily took many a life. Add the fear of evil spirits and the wrath of the gods into the mix, and people had every reason to celebrate the return of the sun, when it finally happened around December 21st. The sun was worshipped and acknowledged as the driving force behind all life and fire had an almost equally important role.

So rituals were created and celebrated. It was a natural part of the yearly cycle of life. Now, in our modern world we don‘t have to worry so much about survival; having food on the table and warmth in our body but sadly, the word survival is used frequently when it comes to the Xmas season as if it were some contaminated period we need to somehow get ourselves through.

I believe that this occurs because we have forgotten the importance of rituals. Rituals force us to go deeper, to slow down, even if just for a few minutes. They enable us to reconnect to our truth and to our desires. One of the reasons Xmas is such a strain for many is because we try to live up to the expectations of others, which is always a drain and never works in our favor.


So, dear one, it‘s time to consciously create and cultivate your Xmas rituals, wouldn‘t you say? Today I‘d like to share one of my favorite Xmas rituals I have been cultivating for years now. It lights me up, nourishes my soul and deepens my relationship with my girlfriend. And it‘s super easy and fun! Yes, I‘m talking about shopping; a shopping spree with my girlfriend.

What started out as a fun day in the lovely city of Konstanz, a German city, located right at the border to Switzerland and on the shores of the Lake Bodensee, has over the years become a treasured ritual we both look forward to, scheduling it into our calendar to ensure it takes place.

We stroll through the cobble stoned alleys of the beautiful old city, held by ancient walls and guarded by towers, admiring the displays in the windows, randomly entering to browse through shelves and tables filled with goodness, enjoying the sparkle and glitter everywhere.

Sometimes we find the perfect gift for a loved one, sometimes we spontaneously buy something for each other and mostly we find something adorable to take home with us. When our feet are getting weary, and our minds are overflowing with all the impressions we take a break and retreat into one of our favorite food places for a delicious snack, an aromatic winter tea and a glass of prosecco, discussing our newest finds and diving into a wonderful conversation.


This year I carried home this gorgeous, sparkly stag; ornaments for the tree; some small gifts; a book; candles and sketchbooks, I always end up buying candles and sketchbooks, must be an addiction:)

We drive home deeply content, grateful for each other’s company and the lovely hours spent together. These glory days as I like to call them always bring a smile to my face when I think of them, the trinkets I have acquired hold precious memories of moments shared.

So, the simple, mundane act of shopping has become a sacred ritual that nourishes our souls and our friendship and adds a magical quality to my Xmas experience.

What‘s one of your favorite Xmas rituals? I invite you to share below. Yes, I am that curious:)


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