Why you don’t need to be running yet: a ride to your vision with Goddess Rhiannon

Starting in December people fall prey to a kind of urgency, a need combined with the strong expectation and even requirement coming from others to state their vision and goals for the coming year. It‘s almost as if you are slightly flawed if you don‘t have your goals lined up, clearly defined, and the necessary action plan worked out and already implemented. I touched on this here.

For me, this feels inherently wrong and off. Not that I don‘t believe in the power of visions or goals – nothing could be further from the truth; I LOVE visioning and dreaming – but I find that the sacred act of connecting to our dreams and visions has been tainted by this mass hysteria to be productive 24/7 to achieve even more; to crave ever bigger and more admirable aspirations; to start or should I say, continue the rat race from last year with hardly any time for a pause, a breath. And so we run off into the wild, unknown of the new year still dazed from all the strive and strain of the old year, vowing that this new year will finally be different, that it will be our turn now.

But dear one, our turn for what?

Oh, well you know, more happiness, more me-time, more health and definitely more income and my relationships could use a do-over I hear you say. Let‘s talk about it later; my head is too fulI at the moment, and I already have soooo much on my to-do-list again because of my newly stated goals but once I get THIS done, then….

Sound familiar?

It certainly was a well known scenario for me. For decades I was on the run, as if the hounds of hell were out to get me, never stopping, never pausing long enough to notice where I was, into which land I had maneuvered myself. Until I crashed and burned. No, that‘s not quite correct, not even then. At least not at once. It still took me years to realize that I was missing a key thing: a true connection to my dreams, desires and values.


Here I was doing vision boards, formulating intentions, stating grand goals year after year, meditating over them, journaling, praying, laying tarot spreads. And I felt strained and strangely dull inside after the initial excitement of the new year had worn off and morphed into another round of everyday life. I quickly found myself chiming in with the choir of it-is-only-February-and-I-am-already-sooo-tired-troop, let‘s hope spring comes soon and brings a new rush of energy.

It took a while for me to realize that what I had defined as my dreams and desires was not what I truly wanted. Oh sure, they were all things that were absolutely desirable and that would enrich my life to a certain point. But they did not make my soul dance, my spirit soar, my body ache to move and my mind spin with joyous possibilities. They were all more or less admirable and desirable, and they were not really mine because they were not in sync with my core values.

Because what I truly wanted lay dormant underneath all the illusions of what I should and could want and of what others wanted for me and thought was appropriate. What I truly desired was covered with the dust of my normality, my perception of what was possible and attainable, colored by the generic values of our society for peace, happiness and meaning. Not that there is anything wrong with these values, they were just not clearly defined in my soul language. I had only a hazy idea of what peace meant to me and what I truly required to be happy and fulfilled. There was no bridge across the swamp of my shoulds and musts to access the pot of gold which had my name written on it.

So I decided to stop struggling and fighting my way through this swamp that was threatening to swallow me. I stopped the madness long enough to let the truth find me. The truth of what I was doing and the truth of what I really wanted. I wanted to feel at peace with myself, my world, my life. I wanted to really feel myself, the me that had so patiently waited to emerge from the shadows where I had banned her years ago.

And that is when the miracle happened. I suddenly realized I needed completion (you can read about that here) in order to be able to let go, in order to even define what I wanted to let go of! I needed a pause, time for reflection, introspection, relaxing and releasing. And so that‘s what I did. I gave myself the gift of time, these precious end year days which are so perfect for this process. And these days continue on into the new year!


Yuletide is not just until new years eve and then it‘s business as usual. No! Winter Solstice is the beginning of a new cycle, the return of the light. But that light is still very tender like a baby needing to be nourished and strengthened. The great Goddess gives birth to the light, the Sun God, but he is still in his infant stage like a seed waiting for growth. Life is just beginning anew. It is a time of potential, possibilities, nourishment, hope, healing and new beginnings. The key to connecting to your true desires and dreams lies within the pause, the resting, the relaxing. That is when the bridge appears to our pot of gold and our values are the steps that lead across.

And the great news is, we don‘t even have to walk across that bridge alone. Help is here, patiently waiting for you to claim it.

A wonderful Goddess to help you connect to your dreams and desires is the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon.


“Rhiannon’s Ride” by Selina Fenech / http://www.fairiesandfantasy.com

She rides through our dreams intensely at this time of the year on her white horse, helping us birth our vision and making our dreams a reality. She teaches us a lesson in patience having herself had to be patient for a long period of time until her missing infant son was finally returned to her, freeing her from the false accusation of murder. You can read her myth here.

Call upon her to enhance your dreams, to gain clarity and strengthen your self confidence, because that is what‘s needed to go for your dreams, to claim them and make them yours and come true.

If we don‘t heed our dreams they might come back to haunt us as nightmares, the shadow side of Rhiannon. They want to be noticed, acknowledged and lived. So honor this powerful moon goddess and let her help you ignite your own magick and infuse your being with perseverance, will, strength and beauty, enabling you to stand your ground when opposition sets in. And you know it will, so why not be prepared in the best possible way? It‘s just a wise thing to do and will help you navigate stormy waters with ease and grace, key ingredients on the wishlist of a super sensitive soul.

There are various ways to work with the energy of Rhiannon. Choose one or experiment with different possibilities:

  • Lighting a candle in one of her colors or enhancing your own wardrobe with them during the month of January is an easy way. I love to wrap my dark green new scarf around my neck or just draping it over my shoulders while envisioning her magick flowing into every cell of my being.
  • Her colors are silver, gold, white, dark green, maroon, rich brown, charcoal grey, black and ruby red. (http://goddessgift.com)
  • If you are a crystal lover you might like to work with your moonstone, cat‘s stone, crystal quartz, amethyst, bloodstone, ruby, red garnet or turquoise. (http://goddessgift.com)
  • Gold and silver jewelry which you dedicate to Rhiannon is also a wonderful way to activate her energy, and it is a great reminder of her presence while you wear that lovely amulet or bracelet.
  • How about giving your rooms a dose of her scents sandalwood, neroli, bergamot, lavender, narcissus and geranium? Choose your favorite and let yourself be inspired by her magick. (http://goddessgift.com)
  • Cook with sage and rosemary. By the way, sage makes great tea helping with soar and strained throats and menstruation cramps.
  • Buy yourself your first narcissus or daffodil as a promise of spring which brings new life, new energy and a reminder to stay connected to your desires and values.
  • Connect to the power of the horse and let yourself receive this powerful animal medicine. Dust off that horse picture you have been meaning to throw out or create a lovely collage with beautiful images of horses. Maybe there‘s a horse in your kids toy box you could snag? Or that little porcelain figurine from your grandma could be given a new purpose?
  • Call upon the Goddess to help you remember and understand your dreams. Before you go to bed intentionally connect to Rhiannon and ask her to talk to you during the night, to help you navigate your way through dreamland. Take ownership of your dreams and tell her that you want to know and understand and ask her to speak in clear images and symbols. It helps to have a journal on your night stand, so you can jot down a word or phrase before consciousness lays a sheet of forgetfulness over the impressions of the night. And don‘t forget to thank her in the morning.

Connecting and working with this powerful moon goddess is extremely potent right now at the time of the new moon, a time of new beginnings. What a way to start a new month and new year at the same time!

And what a blessing to know, we have time, we are allowed to move forward in our own rhythm and time. We are invited to pause and reflect before we speed off into our magickal future on the back of Rhiannons‘ powerful white horse.

So let us really receive and accept this gift that the great Goddess is giving us at this special point in time. Unwrapping and putting it to good use is our job. So let‘s be wise women and act wisely and worthy, because we are.

May your new year be magickal and beautiful and beyond your wildest dreams!

Oh, and if you have a minute and would like to share your travels with this beautiful Goddess I‘d love to hear about it.

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