The Art of Completion: The Key to More Energy



Beautiful wisdom found me early this morning. Synchronicity at its best, as I was pondering this exact same thing: completion. As I sat down at my overloaded and messy desk – yes it happens, and lately it happened a lot – looked around my work space noticing scattered magazines ready to be used for that dream collage I promised to show you; stacks of sorted books waiting for a new home; left over Christmas decorations I haven’t yet put away; my altar items waiting to be arranged anew and being greeted by sticky notes reminding me not to forget I let out a long sigh and told my self that it was time to walk my talk and complete what I had started BEFORE touching something new.

And what better time to face the incomplete than now. The year is slowly, ok maybe not so slowly, winding down; there’s talk all over the internet about 2014, defining and focusing on new goals, making the new year your best year yet, the 10 steps to success, the missing ingredient, the golden key and on and on and on. We are so excited about the future that we have already ticked off our now, and we treat these last days of 2013 as if they were a bother, some pesky thing standing in our way to success, because next year, this we know for sure, next year EVERYTHING will be different, new, full of golden promises and dreams to reach.

So we jump ahead into dream land where we feel free and light, not tied down by our everyday tasks and the million little things we promised ourselves we would get to later. We forget that 2013 also had a beginning full of golden promises and dreams to reach. We want to forget, because if we remember we are also reminded of all the things we did not do, did not reach, did not even start and the things we did start but abandoned halfway through in pursuit of the next shinny thing promising relief and good feelings.


And of course we would do a lot more, make an even greater attempt, take on more tasks, dream bigger if only we weren’t so dammed tired! Being tired, exhausted even, seems to be the collective state of being right now. Have you noticed that everyone seems to be tired and yearning for some downtime and rest?

And we buy into the illusion that our load would lighten that we would feel better if only we had some rest, didn’t have to work, didn’t have to keep on keeping on. I’m no exception either. I catch myself chiming in with the choir until I stop and reconsider.

Is this really true?

Or could it be that I’m exhausted because I have all these big and little things clamoring for my attention, waiting to be fed some time and love?

Ah, I hear the whispers of my soul, hear her talking to my muse who is nodding her head in agreement, happy that I am finally beginning to see the truth. The truth of now. The truth of all my unfinished projects, tasks, promises. Because that is where the power is. It is in the now, not in the future that might never happen; not in our dreams that might change and morph into something completely different.

Am I saying you shouldn’t dream? No! Dreaming is essential for creating what we want. But we can’t really access our dreams sitting on a pile of sticky weeds suffocating the roses we had planted. We need to slip into our sexy gardening outfit, step into those rain boots, grab a tool and start weeding those roses if we want them to bloom come spring.

We need to master the art of completion, to make room for our dreams. And like I said before, there is no better time to complete those tasks than now as the year is coming to a close. Completing what we have started frees up our energy, ignites that spark that brings our dreams to life and gives us the vitality, creativity and power to move forward with our dreams, bringing them to life.


Oh, by the way, completion does not always mean finishing a task in the sense of physically completing it. If you have come to the conclusion that you don’t want to move on with a certain project because it’s not what you wanted then, there’s little sense in spending precious time and energy on something that does not light you up any more.

What’s important here is to complete it energetically, meaning you consciously end it. You make a decision to not move forward with it and you physically remove everything related to this project or task. You get it out of your system. Don’t stash it away somewhere! Just because you can’t see it anymore does not mean it’s not there.

Remember, everything is energy sending messages to you constantly. Imagine all of your incompletes talking to you. It’s a cacophony of demands and drama isn’t it? So no wonder we are tired! No wonder we can’t find our dreams in this aggressive fog of confusion and overwhelm.

Can you feel the truth of this in your body? Don’t you feel lighter just acknowledging this? This is powerful stuff dear one! This puts you right back in the drivers seat and hands you the key to your ignition. By completing we determine what we want to keep in our lives, what we want to let go off, what we want to make room for. I am excited and exhilarated to make this week a week of completion! Are you with me?

  • Take a good look around you and list everything that you notice that is incomplete. No judgement here Lovely, just stating a fact, ok?
  • Now determine which  of those tasks would give you the most gratification if done. For me that’s clearing my desk, putting my stuff away, creating a new altar – yes you guessed it, the theme will be completion – installing my yearly planner on the wall next to my desk, catching up on my promises to deliver information to friends and readers (that would be you, so stay tuned and sign up for my newsletter, it’s coming), publishing my editorial calendar and reaching out to contributors and sponsors and making that phone call about a dance class I’ve been wanting to take all year.
  • Start! Pick any one of those tasks and just get going.
  • Keep at it! Yes, the week has 7 days, so you still have plenty of time. Don’t freak out, make this fun. Imagine what your wonderful garden will look like, once you are done. It will be ready to receive new plants, and the existing once will bloom abundantly.
  • Share your experience here on the blog and get ready to dream big during Yuletide, the days between the years which are perfect for accessing your dreams and putting them down on paper, creating a dream collage, a dream journal. These are the mystical days of possibility and potential, of planting the seeds to our flower garden.


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      Yes I agree Malinda, checking off things is great. What I need to ponder is what makes my lists. Maybe I need to become more detailed. Hmmm… now you’ve got me thinking:) Thanks for the input.

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    Hmmm, this is perhaps a problem common to all creative people, I think. I constantly have a list of things to “finish”. Sooner or later they all get done. Well…most of them do. Well….a good many of them do. Well…every now and then one of them does. *grin*

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      Grinning right back Cia:) I find it sooo much easier to start something new than to actually complete things. Yep, must be this creative gene that is acting up. But right now I am having fun exploring the power of completion. There is so much energy tied up here I can literally feel it freeing up.

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