Thank God it’s Mercury Retrograde!

Sunset+Rose / Mercury Retrograde

No, I’m not being ironic. And, no, I’m not joking. I am dead serious. Yes, that kind of serious.

It’s that time of year again, the time where you fall over your own words or manage to create a thought muddle that takes you a week to entangle.

That time where you secretly or maybe not so secretly wonder if everyone, you included, has gone slightly mad.

Tempers flare easily, at least mine does.

I have an even harder time to be patient, don’t feel like explaining things; I mean, its 2014, can’t everyone just mindread?

And wherever I show up, technology seems to go all wonky. Like on Thursday morning. I was at the chiropractor’s ready to be ultra-sounded after being needled and, again, for the second time, the little machine did not want to work, much to the frustration of the lady in charge.

All over the internet you are cautioned to be careful, not to rush into things, not to make major purchases or sign important contracts.

Not to start or launch anything because it probably wouldn’t last, and frustration is almost guaranteed.

Well, that does not sound like an awful lot of fun to me!

And that time is here for 3 weeks at least 3 times a year!

So, what’s an impulsive, impatient girl on this planet to do when Mercury decides to play his games in the heavens and go on vacation?

A valid question for sure. I mean, we can’t just put our lives on hold, press pause or meditate all day just because some god is enjoying himself playing his pranks.

We are working girls; we have a life, a busy one at that with a million things to do and dreams to realize and ideas to create and households to run, gardens to tend to, holidays to plan and friends and family to entertain.

Phew, did I leave anything out?

Reading all of the sigh- and woe infused newsletters and blogposts about all the havoc and doom this guy is creating I realized this morning that it was time to change perspectives. Radically.


We can’t change the heavenly spectacles taking place, but we can learn to live with them, be in sync instead of in opposition. Check and schedule the dates, so you are at least prepared and can plan accordingly. And don’t forget to give some extra time for the transition periods into and out of retrograde. They can be the trickiest to navigate, so it’s worth it to pay attention to those days and not force yourself into anything. Give yourself time to readjust.


  • Oct. 4 – 25


  • Jan 21 – Feb. 11
  • May 18 – June 11
  • Sept. 17 – Oct. 9

I believe there is a huge, huge blessing in this time, and there is a ton of things, more than you can probably handle in one round, of things to do that will actually cause you to anticipate the next Mercury retrograde with delight.

The more I think this Mercury retrograde thing through the more certain I become: This time truly is a gift from a God!

We all complain about being burnt out, overwhelmed and exhausted, but we never stop to take a good hard look at why this is so. We humans are the only species that has the silly ambition to keep on keeping on 24/7. We call ourselves lazy and weak and beat ourselves up for our energy lows and should ourselves to an early grave or at least a full blooming depression and health issues that could have been avoided.

This is not the way nature intended us to be; this is NOT how we are designed to function. Nature in all her splendor teaches us so much about the cycles of life and energy and so do the heavens with the planets going retrograde.

So, Dear One, let’s be wise and learn and follow the natural rhythm of things. Are you with me?

Trust me on this one, Lovely. I really do know. I’ve payed my dues to Mercury, messenger of the gods more than once. I used to struggle and fight with him but to no avail. I even tried to ignore him, but he didn’t take to that well, so I strongly recommend you do NOT ignore him.

Instead, I recommend making him your new, good friend. Someone you look forward to seeing every few months.

As a savvy, sensitive woman its just the best strategy you can have.

Anything else will just cost you big time. Maybe money but certainly time, your precious energy, joy and nerves.

Not worth it, right?

So, who is this guy, anyway, that you are about to invite to tea?

God Mercury / Mercury Retrograde


Well, Mercury or Hermes as he is known by the Greeks, is a very special guy. He is a multitasking, multi talented, high achiever for sure. Just take a peak at his list of responsibilities:

  • Messenger of the Gods, especially to Jupiter (Zeus) who trusted him and used his services frequently.
  • God of eloquence, messages and communication, travel, commerce and trade, financial gain, luck, boundaries, trickery, thieves. Ah, yes, we all have our shadow sides, don’t we?
  • He also guides souls to the underworld.
  • Like the lovely goddess Iris, Goddess of the rainbow, he is a bridge between the heavens and the earth.

Some of his characteristics:

  • His energy is vibrant, swift and always on the move.
  • He never stays in one place for long and is known to have winged shoes and helmet which take him quickly through the air to his next quest.
  • He is very friendly, loyal and loves to play. Hmmm…. maybe THE best burnout prevention recipe?

Are you as impressed as I am? He does just soooo much! And when he decides to go retrograde he does even more:

He presents us with a whole overflowing basket full of re-words:

  • revive
  • revamp
  • reconnect
  • reconsider
  • redefine
  • reestablish
  • redo
  • release
  • reevaluate
  • rethink
  • reinvent
  • retrospect
  • relax
  • recover
  • re-discover
  • revisit
  • recharge
  • reorganize
  • redecorate
  • review
  • realign
  • refresh
  • renovate …..

topped with some p-words:

  • ponder
  • plan
  • prepare
  • pray
  • pretend (stands for visualize)

Now, that’s all nice and good I hear you say, but I can’t just to sit around all day and gaze into space, I need to DO things. Well, my Lovely, you can and you should.

For instance,

now is the perfect time to realign your home with the woman you want to be. You can find all the goodness about that in the first part of the Guide: How To Make Your Home More You, right HERE.

Oh, and don’t forget, it’s allowed to be fun. Mercury LOVES fun, let him support you in infusing your days with more fun.

Let me know how it goes, Lovely, yes? You are invited to pick up the talking stick and get, well, talking :)

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