I am delighted to announce the newest release of DIVA MYSTIC MAGAZINE: Working Girl – Work The Sensitive’s Way featuring

  • best selling author and teacher Jennifer Louden
  • successful blogger, author and community builder Jodi Chapman
  • gorgeous photography and art

Learn about:

  • Tarot in Biz
  • Aromatherapy for a Work Life Balance
  • Energy Management
  • Rituals and Invocation for Work
  • The Archetypes

and so much more!

130 + pages overflowing with goodness brought to you by 16 lovely Sensitive Souls – get to know them here and of course inside the Magazine- who will share their wisdom, experiences and knowledge with you, topped with inspiration, ideas, journaling prompts, quotes and two special gifts:

A downloadable Food & Mood Journal + The Later Bloomer Calendar!

This issue of Diva Mystic Magazine will shine a light on WORKING THE SENSITIVE’S WAY,  a way that drastically reduces overwhelm and burnout, two of the main struggle and pain points of many Sensitives. It is intended to bring pleasure, purpose and passion back to our lives. Yes, our lives as a whole because I believe it‘s time to heal the separation between those two parts.

Get your personal copy at THE SHOP

Enjoy this sweet little preview below:


You will find more in-depth information right here:


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    Romy – CONGRATULATIONS on another stunningly gorgeous issue of Diva Mystic Magazine. It is such an honor to be part of this amazing, empowering and visually magnificent project!

    • 2


      It is my pleasure and joy to host you and your wonderful Goddess energy, Lisa. I love our collaboration and am delighted that you like this issue. Thank you for sharing it with you readers and for stopping by to leave your kind words.

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