Xmas Beauties, Must-Have-Helpers and Deliciousness found on my strolls through virtual paradise.

Yes, I’m starting a new series here about finds I adore, want, love to try out, have and can’t resist sharing with you because they enrich your like or at least make it easier and more fun. Enjoy this weeks SWEET STUFF all in the Spirit of my most favorite season.

Special Gifts for Special People:


Foto: JessicaSwift.com


  • Lisa de Youngs 2014 daily musings journal, which you can order at http://mountainmermaidstudios.com  Mine arrived in the mail this week and I can’t wait to use it as my editorial calendar for 2014.


Foto: DivaMysticMagazine.com

Get ready for a season of pleasurable and healthy entertaining

with „The Festive Goddess Guide“. A Holiday Guide for all interested in scrumptious, healthy recipes and time-tested success secrets and strategies on how to keep your weight stable throughout the six-week holiday season, put together by the lovely Lisa Marie Rosati from


Foto: GoddessLifestyleplan.com


Planning your 2014 made easy:

Emma Gwillim is giving away “the big picture planner”, a free, instantly downloadable resource helping you to define your 3-5 most important goals for 2014 and create a plan of action to actually achieve them. Short & sweet, doable, practical. Now it’s your turn. Download here: http://bit.ly/1bPqKtu


Helpful, practical companions for your iphone featured on


My favorite here is: http://bit.ly/IWhpVw

No, I haven’t tried it yet, as I have just downloaded it myself. But I am excited to test it.


Are you still on the look-out for a fun decoration project that‘s quick and easy to do AND looks absolutely amazing? Then look no further: I absolutely adore this sewing tree by the talented Jonathan Fong. Get all the details and how-tos‘ here:



Which one is your favorite?

What are you searching for?

Drop me a hint, I’d love to know what to watch out for while out strolling cyberspace.



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      You are so welcome Emma:) I love to share great resources and stopping by on your site is always a pleasure. I especially love your interviews! Have still to read the newest one. And congrats on your decision for 2014 and all the best for your pregnancy.

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