This weeks SWEET STUFF is all about Beauty, the good and the bad – yes, a truly serious matter we need to discuss – Yoga, a great tool to beautify ourselves and capturing your own beauty.



Is “more Yoga” on your list of intentions for 2014? Maybe you’re like me and have slacked and are having a hard time getting yourself to the yoga studio again? Well, there’s help right here. All you need to do is roll out your yoga mat at home and start. You will find such a rich variety that by the time you have experimented your way through you will be back in the yoga-groove. So, dear one, no more excuses! Let’s do this together, see you on the mat:)


Plastic Horror:

The Dangers of Microbeads - an eye opening article I read on the Spirituality & Health Blog about the enormous amounts of plastic used in consumer beauty products really got me thinking. Did you know that a single tube of Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear facial scrub (just to state an example they used in their article) can contain up to 330’000 plastic beads? Yikes! High time to rethink your cosmetic practice, Lovely! You don’t want to be the woman contributing to major environmental pollution of our precious water bodies, do you? Then please give this some thought. And you might like to consider doing yourself a huge favor as well and start using natural cosmetics that truly nurture your skin.


Natural Beauty Bliss:


Of course I don’t want to leave you hanging in thin air, so I would love to share this beautiful blog with you, all about Natural Cosmetics. Yes, it is well worth your time! It is well researched, valuable information that will change the way you “do cosmetics” forever. The link will take you to the Beginners Guide, a great place to start.>



In The Picture:

Want to be in your own pictures and create some memories where you are also a part of the scene instead of always the one taking the picture? Then you will love the Camera Timer App, something I discovered thanks to Elise Blaha on her lovely blog. I can’t wait to start using this! My iPhone is my loyal companion as I am obsessed with capturing the daily beauty that surrounds me. Now I get to be a part of the scene which makes it even more special and personal. Elise explains it all so well in her article that even I can do this:)



All images from the blogs and websites mentioned above.

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