Ah, there is SO much goodness to explore and enjoy. Below are a few of the wonderful things that crossed my path, that I have, want, am exploring and enjoying. What speaks to you most?

 A fun way to organize your whole year:

Year Calendar – Jesse from NeuYear.net I LOVE this calendar because it has the months displayed fluently without tearing the week apart. It looks lovely with the fresh turquoise color and the nice shine. And you get to write on it with dry erase markers which come in different colors. What’s not to love?
Get 10 % off now until February 18th, if you order via
http://neuyearnet.refr.cc/H3T9SQD (no, I don’t get compensated, just something I wanted to share:))



A beautiful reminder to breath and just be: 
What a great reminder to relax, breath and DO some yoga! I like the smooth elegance and simplicity of this figurine. She would certainly look great in my bath room:



Can you smell the magic?

Bring in the new year with the wonderful scents of natural herbs and spices. A beautiful ritual to ring in the new year, ride the tide of the new moon and bring fresh inspiration to your life and your rooms. I just HAVE to try this!



Keep your love- and fun-dates safe:

Creating 12 envelopes, one for each month, of things you would like to do with your partner is such a lovely idea. Of course you can do this for family, friends, yourself. YES, let’s do this for ourselves too! Promise?



Putting down roots with creative journaling:

“Working” my way through this wonderful Journaling-Marathon generously gifted by the talented artist and author Lisa Sonara Beam to everyone who wans to experience the magic of creative journaling over a period of 30 days. A challenge I could NOT say no to :) You can still join in, I’d love to see you there.
The Power of 7:The sacred number 7 and how you can activate it in your life to reap it’s deep benefits. A must-read from Numerologist Tania Gabriel:


All images from original source.

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