Santa is coming….!



Saaaanta Claus is coming to town….

Santa Claus is coming to town…….

Santa.Claus. is. coming. to. town….. raise your voices here lovelies…

My dog lady hates it when I sing and usually takes off, yes I’m THAT bad:) But she graciously agreed to pose for you, well, almost; it took a piece of her favorite cheese.

In Switzerland we celebrate Santa Claus today, so all the children are excited to see what goodies he is bringing them in his huge sack. Many go to visit him in his home in the woods, but without the snow it’s not half the fun, at least in my opinion.


As soon as dusk descends you can see him and his helper “Schmutzli” walk the dark streets with his lantern and his sack filled with lots of peanuts, tangerines and gingerbread; his loudly ringing bell heralding his arrival. In the early days they used to be accompanied by their donkey.


Now I’m off to buy some gingerbread. I’d love to know, what rituals you have around Santa Claus.




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