Raise Your Voice! You Are #StrongerThan Oppression

Illustrated by Erin McManness

Illustrated by Erin McManness


Why should I wait for someone else?
Why should I be looking for the government, to the army that they would help us?
Why don’t I raise my voice?
Why don’t we speak up for our rights?

These questions were Malala Yousafzai’s answer to the question posed to her by Jon Stewart from the Daily Show about why she decided to speak up about the dire situation regarding the education of girls in Swat, her home region in Pakistan, under the cruel regime of the Taliban. You can watch her inspiring interview here: Malala on the Daily Show

Yes, why should she speak up?

I mean, she and her family had only been threatened by the Taliban. Hundreds of schools had been shot to ashes and closed down. Going to school had been prohibited. People who did not “behave” were publicly flogged and shot. It happened daily.

And it happened to her.

In case you do not know her story, the short version is that she was shot in the head on a bus for taking a strong stand for a girl’s right to be educated. You can learn more about her incredible story here: Malala’s Story

Oh, and she gave those answers after having, thankfully, recovered from her serious injuries at the tender age of 16!

In her remarkable speech at the United Nations in 2013 she said:

“The terrorists thought that they would change my aims and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in my life, except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born.”  You can listen to her speech here: Malala at UN



Today, July 12th is Malala’s birthday. Happy Birthday beautiful Malala! I am deeply humbled and touched by your courage and passion but also inspired.

Inspired to raise my own voice, to take a stand for what is precious to me.

To raise my voice against violence, abuse and cruelty against all living beings.

As an avid, life-long learner and book junkie myself I can only imagine what it’s like to have to fight for education, to have to learn under extreme oppression and the ever present fear of being found out. A horror no one should have to live through!

Ladies, it’s time to raise our voices, to stand together against the tyranny of others. Time to summon our divine strength and take action. It’s time to stop the endless babble and actually DO something! Anything!

Whether you decide to donate to the MalalaFund or some other cause that is dear to your heart doesn’t matter.

What matters, is that we find and use our passion for a cause to actively make a difference.

Not just once but regularly. It needs to become a way of life, a pillar of our life. That is why Diva Mystic Magazine donates 10 % of magazine sales to causes I deeply care about. You can find out what we are currently doing here.

Watching Malala’s story and the documentary about her life in Pakistan – you can see that here: Malala’s Story  – shook me to the core. Stories like that need to become a thing of the past. NOW!

I truly believe that it is our duty to do all that we possibly can to make education for every child the new normal. And if you are here reading this I know you feel the same.


So, for starters you could grab her book “I am Malala” on Amazon.com / Amazon.ukAmazon.de

I am excited to get started on mine and look forward to discussing it with you here on the blog soon.

Then, on July 14th Malala Day is taking place. A day dedicated to making a difference. Will you join her movement with me? malala.org

“Malala Day is not my day. It is the day of every girl and every boy. It is a day when we come together to raise our voices, so that those without a voice can be heard.”

I am grateful to Marie Forleo for bringing my awareness to Malala and her incredible story, – you can read about Marie’s engagement with Malala over at her blog: MarieForleo.com

I invite you to join Malala’s movement and to spread the word via your blog, your social media, your dinner conversations, at home, at work.

Let’s declare together that we are #strongerthan oppression and make a difference today.


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