Don’t you just love it when you receive little love notes? Well, I sure do! They make my heart sing and my step lighter AND they make me want to provide you with even more great content. Read for yourself, what other lovely readers are saying and if you would like to add your own words don’t hesitate to write me, I treasure them all.

Thaaank you for this beautiful magazine! I have just now read the welcome-part and looked at the cover….. I am delighted and totally stoked by what I have seen up to now … wonderful! Now I can hardly wait until I have time this afternoon, after I have decorated my tree:) to sit on the couch with a ginger-cinnamon tea and dive into the Diva Mystic Magazine while the kids are crafting their gifts and Christmas songs are playing. Thank you from my heart for putting me into such a wonderful Christmas mood in no time… Big hug, Diane Sarah Barino, via email (translated from German by editor)

My gosh, Romy, Cia, Ann, Tara and the others of you who contributed…this is fantastic! It’s SO SO rich with ideas and journeys to take. I can’t believe how quickly you put it together too. I’m going to take my time working through it and I will enjoy every minute. Your perspective is just what I needed! Lisa Zahn Lifecoaching –

Hey, Romy! Congratulations!!! I look forward to enjoying it tonight with a cup of tea! And will share it right away! What a wonderful labor of love it is and a fabulous new beginning. I especially loved your first blog post. You must celebrate it!  Cigdem Kobu –         

The wonderfully creative Romy Maillard has created an awesome resource: the Sensitive’s Guide to a Stress Free Xmas Season. Full of juicy awesomeness to support you. I love this rich collection. Vicky White –

Such an amazing work Romy, the perfect gift. I had to share. Anyes –

Romy, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Well done, I’m honored to be a small part of it.
Cia Williford –

A fabulous new magazine! Thank you Romy for creating this special treat to help us Sensitives get through this season!  Beth Lampe -

Wow – the cover is beautiful! Yay – really can’t wait to check in out. Lisa Fite De Young -

Romy, well done, it looks fabulous! xx Ann Brosnan,

Beautiful, Romy and everyone else who contributed! Can’t wait to partake of the lusciousness within. Laila Atallah,