Messages from The Lady of the Lake: Swan Medicine

Swan Feathers

About a week ago I happened upon a bouquet of gorgeous swan feathers down by the lake. Now, while I’m used to being gifted feathers of all kinds regularly, this was a premiere. I was exhilarated and deeply touched.

For decades I have been admiring these incredibly beautiful, proud, graceful and mystical creatures. I think my love affair with them began the day I saw Swan Lake in a theatre with my classmates in 5th grade. So needless to say I was deeply touched by the gift from the Lady of the Lake.

I believe that the great divine speaks to us in symbols and that we are always surrounded by them.

If we only took the time to notice.

The problem is we often don’t know how to interpret them when we do notice them.

So, days later, the lovely bouquet on my desk, I felt compelled to dive deeper and research a bit because I wanted to share my gift with you.

Jeanne Ruland Krafttier Orakel Schwan

Jeanne Ruland describes the swan as a symbol for grace and beauty. In her little booklet accompanying her lovely oracle cards Krafttier Orakel she writes:

You have been kissed by the muse.

Your true talents are unfolding.

The time of drudgery is over.

New hope lives in you.

Let your talents unfold and enjoy the creative freedom that you have been gifted with.

Heaven and earth are connecting.

You can realise your visions. (freely translated from German)

My eyes popped, and my jaw dropped reading these words. It is EXACTLY what is happening in my life!

She goes on to say:

You have looked into the mirror of your soul and discovered not just your fears and hidden shadows but also your talents, your capabilities and your beauty.

The old patterns of self-doubt are broken. …..

You are ready to say yes to yourself and walk the path that is destined for you.

You have a special way of expressing the beauty of creation.

Reveal it to the world and live that beauty your way.

Swan Feathers, Rosequartz

Oh my glory!

What a divinely beautiful message to receive. And, yes, receive it I will. My heart is wide open, soaking it all in, every last word.

The profound truth of these words vibrate deeply in every cell of my body, mind and spirit.

Peace settles in.

Trust is suddenly possible as I savour this knowing.

I feel grounded like rarely before.


And I love it!

She further explains that the swan mirrors the strength of our soul and that we can look deep into the soul of other people. Well, yes, we are Super Sensitive Women after all.

Swan medicine is clearly an invitation to step out of the shadows, to live and express our talents. To enjoy them and let others enjoy them as well.

Did you hear that?

Let me say it again because it is so important:

To enjoy your talents and to let others enjoy them as well.

The swan challenges us to perceive the beauty of life and to express this beauty in our unique way.

She invites us to accept and trust our intuition and our knowing.

Medicine Cards, Swan

Jamie Sams and David Carson describe a journey in their booklet Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals. The swan who has gone through the transformation from doubt to trust was taken by the great spirit to the place where the future lives.

It’s that place where we surrender and receive that which was waiting for us all along.

It’s where we learn to receive grace.

In Celtic mythology, the swan is a messenger from the other-worlds and has the ability to walk between the worlds.

According to Angela Kämpfer, author of the book Tierboten, the Celtic druids believed the swan could touch the deepest layers of a human being with her beauty and love. Her feathers were a symbol for purity and her body stood for grace and elegance. The swan symbolised the soul. The druids connected with the swan to gain access to their own soul and to expand their awareness. Celtic bards honoured the swan and asked for inspiration for their artistic endeavours.

Angela Kämpfer lets us know that the swan gifts us with the purification of our energy field.

Our aura strengthens and expands.

Our senses become clearer and stronger and it is much easier to activate the third eye now.

The flow between the heart and the mind is once again intact.

Reading all of this fascinating information I was nodding along. Yes, this has been my experience over the last few days since I found my swan feather bouquet. What a blessing!

Swan in Nest

Ted Andrews, also affirms in his book Animal Speak: The spiritual & magical powers of creatures great & small that the swan stands for awakening the true beauty and power of the Self and is one of the most powerful and ancient totems. They reflect the power and longevity that is possible as we awaken to the beauty and power within ourselves. The beat of their wings can break a man’s arm, and their bite is strong. Apparently some live as long as 80 years.

So, while they may seem fragile they definitely are not.

Delicate yes, but not fragile.

And neither are we fragile as Super Sensitive Women. More on that in an upcoming post.

According to swans were sacred to Venus, Roman Goddess of love and beauty. How fitting.

Lady of the Lake, Swan in Lake

If you are feeling the pull to connect to swan medicine there are a variety of things you could do:

  • Go sit by a lake or river where there are swans
  • Bring a camera and capture a picture of your favorite one
  • Meditate over an oracle card showing a swan
  • Place a picture or sculpture of a swan on your desk
  • Paint your own swan

Most of all stay open to the connection to your own beauty, inner and outer and be grateful that you have heard her call.

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