Happy Moments of Summer:

happy moments of summer

In June I had the inspiration to start documenting my happy moments of the month as a reminder of all the glorious things life delivers. In case you’re a curious soul like me it is right here.

And wouldn’t you know it, I totally forgot to do that for the last few months! Yikes! But not all is lost. I decided to do a summer recap instead. Still, I can hardly believe….. well, never mind. Let’s move on, shall we?

So, my summer. Yes, it was filled with lots of:

Summer Fun:

Savoring the few hot summer days we did receive this season with play hours down by the lake, long hikes, lazy afternoons on the verandah or just chilling with a friend.

summer fun down by the lake with dog lady

Daily journaling and reading on the verandah were the best medicine for me, apart from frequent physical healing sessions. And I am happy to report, that my frozen shoulder has decided to slowly defrost a bit, giving me the opportunity to gently expand my movement range. SO good!

And I finally picked up my paints and colours and went on a meditative painting journey, connecting to my wild creative genius. I will certainly explore this work more in depth with Kathleen. It was not just fun but also deeply empowering and revealing. KathleenProphet.com.

wild soul art

As a result I even started doodling and discovered that I am having so much fun with it! Who knew!


New friends and deep conversations – two of my favorite things:

I had the glorious pleasure of meeting some fabulous women on the inter webs and even becoming fast friends with some of them. And because I love what they are up to in the world I just have to share these Biz-Priestesses with you:

community & communication / owls

Eos Koch: I think we could have chatted for ever on Skype! I can’t wait to meet her face to face in November in Bern. She does these gorgeous websites for her clients and loves to photograph. I now have a severe case of website envy:) EosKoch.com

Glenn Younger: My soul sister. I was over the moon delighted to connect with her in an online forum and we wasted no time in setting up weekly Skype High Tea Dates. She does the most amazing work helping us reconnect to our divine soul. Hop on over to her site and enjoy the mediation she is gifting you. It’s an instant peace provider! DivineLightVibrations.com

Charlene McDonald Papastephanou: I actually had to copy and pasta that name to avoid spelling errors:) My mermaid sister. We share a mutual love for all things mermaids and angels. She even made angels her business. I adore her whimsical energy and joie de vivre! CharleneMarie.me

Erika Lyremark: Author of Think Like A Stripper – get it on her site for free (yes, it’s that good!) – and mentor to women looking to create a business and brand that gets them “freakishly excited”. Yes, I joined the ranks over at ErikaLyremark.com and will be writing about my experience there soon. Spoiler alert: it was perfect for this Biz-Priestess here.

Jodi McMurray: We bonded while working on redefining our businesses and found, we have a lot in common. I love the work she is doing over at TheHumanCollective.com

Josianne Hosner: This lovely flower Fairy does amazing things with herbs and writes about it on her blog: Quittenduft.ch Oh, and she just opened up shop, Casa Limetta in Langenthal, which I can’t wait to explore in December.

With a special, heartfelt thank you to Jessica Kupferman for making some of these connections possible via her oh so insightful and amazing Facebook Foreplay Challenge. Oh, and she is truly funny, so if you are in need of a laugh head on over to: LadyBusiness.biz

Birthday Celebrations:

gifts & girl time

In July my birthday rolled around. This year I was not in a party mood so it was just a quiet little celebration at home. But that did not mean, that spoiling the birthday princess was not allowed!

Early September my beautiful friend Claudine got to put one more candle on her cake as well. We had an intimate little celebration in a gorgeous garden sanctuary I had discovered a short while ago. The weather gods were smiling and we were enjoying some wonderful girls time – heaven!

Roses & more:

beloved roses

My beloved roses always manage to light up my mood and I can’t get enough of marvelling at their divine beauty.

Talking about nature’s beauty, we had a couple of firsts in our garden this season:

One petite pond lilly decided to bloom in the new small pond my man had installed. Isn’t she just so pretty?

lilly in pond

And then there were the berries! Totally excited I would run out into the garden with a little bowl eager to gently harvest the first self grown blackberries. And I felt like a child in toy paradise showing off my treasures. Needless to say they tasted delicious. I can’t wait for next season to roll around!

blackberry harvest

And of course my life wouldn’t be the same without all the messages from my feathery friends. This season I was especially blessed to receive a whole bunch of swan feathers. A message from the Lady of the Lake, how exciting. So much so, I wrote a blogpost about it. You can find that here:

swan feathers & medicine

Oh, and I share a lot of my feather and other magick finds on Instagram. I would be delighted to see you there.

This summer the colour purple held a huge fascination for me. I craved veggies and fruits like eggplant, plums, berries and dug out my old purple tops and loved wearing my amethyst bangle that I proudly negotiated on my last trip to Marrocco.

purple love

Stormy skies, cloudless skies, sun magick and fireworks all made me smile and connect more intimately to this vast, glorious universe of ours.

sky magic

A lot is happening in the heavens right now with Mercury once more giving us the honour by going retrograde  and some eclipsy goodness on the way. Now, I’m off to put a collection of the best of Mercury Retrograde together for you, so you can finally start enjoying this time. Until then you can read up on my take of this occurrence HERE.

And then come on over and help me with some pumpkin magick. Because it’s that time of the year again. Can’t wait to decorate our house front as soon as our renovation is through which should be within the next 10 days. Yay! Isn’t she starting to look amazing?

house front renovation

Ok, now it’s your turn: What memories do you treasure from your summer? Delight me, yes?

perfect summer day


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