Happy Moments of June 2014

Happy Moments in June Collage

Sometimes I have a hard time recalling everything that happened during a week, let alone a whole month. Which I find kinda sad, especially when it comes to the magical moments that tend to get lost in the chaos and drama of everyday life.

Am I the only one?

Well anyway, I decided it was time to capture these special moments and create some lovely, lasting memories and reminders of the “good times,” the magic and beauty of this thing called life. I am delighted to share some of my happy moments as I like to call them with you.

Swan Lake

The Wonders of Nature:
I enjoyed some beautiful hikes with my dog lady and man. He had two weeks off work, so we got to enjoy the glorious summer weather together. Hiking is one of our favourite things to do together, and I am so lucky that he enjoys researching new places to explore on foot, to plan and prepare. All I have to do is show up and soak it all up. What’s not to love?

Wood Treasures

Summer Solstice Ritual Grace under Pressure:
Shiloh Mc Cloud and her beautiful friends Christine Arylo and Kristine Carlson created a wonderful Summer Solstice Ritual Grace under Pressure that deeply touched and moved me. My heart is full of gratitude to them for creating and sharing such a rich, profound experience with us. I’m not sure if you can still sign up for the replay, it’s SO worth watching even if the Summer Solstice is already over for this year, but here’s the link, just in case: Grace under Pressure

The Optimized Woman & Lise Bourbeau

I spent two whole days in bed resting and reading.
Going through an intense body and soul healing phase requires me to rest frequently, especially after acupuncture sessions. As much as I look forward to them I also dread them because they just throw me off my feet every time as my body does her healing work. So, I rested and read, a lot.
Wonderful books like

  • Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas
  • Qui es-tu?  by Lise Bourbeau
  • The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray

led me on self-exploration journeys.

magazines & feathers

Oh, and the magazines! Let’s not forget the magazines that I have finally snuggled down with on the verandah. These are always happy moments for me as I just love to pour over them, note down things I want to research further or collect ideas for my own work and home. While I love reading digital magazines – I mean I publish one myself – there is something especially delightful about a printed copy. I think I will have to work on that dream soon…..

Dream Collage:
I started a new dream collage for my biz and I am excited and intrigued by what is showing up.Collaging is one of my favourite things to do – hmmm… why don’t I collage more often? It catapults me out of my buzzing head right into my heart. My muse and I always have a blast. And it is the best excuse err reason to buy magazines. I will share more on my collaging process soon.

Of course, my life would not be the same without my beloved journaling practice. This month I journaled even more than usual. There was so much to pour onto these scared pages, so much gunk and outlived stuff to let go of, so many dreams and desires to put words to, so much inspiration to catch.

Girl- and Featherfriends:
A lovely couple of hours spent with my wonderful girlfriend sipping hibiscus tea – I swear this tea is addictive – on our verandah, catching up on each other’s lives is always a happy moment. Ah, good times!

Kafi Bijou Schaffhausen

Visiting a former client turned friend in her romantic café-boutique in the heart of the old part of town in Schaffhausen, a quaint little town right up in the northern corner of Switzerland was a spontaneous, lovely idea. In case you ever wander to these parts: Kafi Bijou

One thing that always brings a happy smile to my heart is being gifted a feather by my feathery friends. I love to collect them and give them a home on my altar or my desk. What makes them so special is the time I receive them, usually when I am in need of guidance and grace. This month I was blessed with quite a number of them.

Crow Feather

And for the first time ever, we had a crows nest in our tree! I can’t tell you how excited and delighted I was. The crow is very special to me, so I felt deeply honoured that mama crow had chosen to nest in our garden, and I just adored the cute squawks coming from inside the nest.

There was lots of clearing out and rearranging, especially in my workspace and wardrobe. Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe that these activities made me happy, but they did. It felt so good to be in charge and make new choices. And giving some things away to others who were delighted to receive that sure made my day.

Being without my habitual glass of wine or prosecco for a whole month now is opening up a whole new way of experiencing life for me. I love how my body feels, so clean and light. My thoughts are much clearer and I feel so much more awake and present which makes for one happier girl.

Loving Mercury Retrograde:
Yep, you read that right! This time around I can honestly say I enjoyed this period. As a matter of fact, God Mercury and I are fast becoming really good friends. Curious why I have gone crazy? Well, I shared my insights on Mercury Retrograde and why it’s a great thing in a recent blog post. 
And while I did not get around to completing part two I will do so in time for the next Mercury Retrograde, starting October 4th.

New Look:
Creating a simple, summery front entrance look with lovely plants gave me so much pleasure. This year I am especially obsessed with hydrangeas; I have them all over the house and garden. Our house will receive a new gown later this summer (the house front needs renovating), so I neglected the entrance for a while even though I know what a huge difference and impact that particularly part of our homes has on our lives.

More on the importance of your entrance area coming up soon, so stay tuned. Now I love walking in and out of the front door and can’t wait to redecorate the area once the renovation is through.

Olive Bread

I got to enjoy DELICIOUS olive bread made by my man. It truly is the best olive bread ever. Mmmmhh… I just adore being spoiled like that!

black tourmaline bracelet

This gorgeous black tourmaline bracelet has been my companion ever since I bought it as a gift for myself a month ago in Strasbourg. I stepped into the shop and was immediately drawn to the little table it was displayed on, so of course I had to purchase it. Back home I hopped on the internet and was not surprised at all by what I found. It was just so timely and exactly what I needed. Interested to explore black tourmaline? Then I recommend you check out Angie’s blogpost over at MoonAndStone

Roses in June

The roses! They were spectacular this season. I loved to stroll through the garden at dusk and take in their sweet scent.

Now I am looking forward to July, my birthday month!

Mercury went direct yesterday and according to the astrologists the stars are aligned in our favour, so I definitely won’t argue with that.

I am also looking forward to spending much, like MUCHOS more time creating and sharing magical content with you, Dear One, here on the blog, so I’d like to invite you to come along for the journey, would love to have you for company.

The black box in the upper right hand corner will make sure you receive my Bulletin of Magick & Beauty, which is finally in preparation and almost ready to fly to your inbox with little gems and treasures.

Wishing you a wonderful start into the glorious month of July, filled with many happy moments.

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