Freya, Goddess of Pleasure: Why she is important for a Super Sensitive Soul


The Norse Goddess Freya, known and reverenced for her beauty is speaking to me today in her role of the Goddess of pleasure.

Actually I had other plans for today, but she is persistent and as the powerful Goddess she is used to having her wishes and demands fulfilled. So instead of working through my to-do-list, which all of a sudden has taken on epic proportions, and running off to the grocery store I sat down, lit a candle, dug out her oracle card and immersed myself in her vibrant, sensual, passionate energy. Pleasure, passion, sensuality and beauty go hand in hand and are all 3 crucial ingredients for a serene, happy life as a Super Sensitive Soul.

Alas, exactly these things are the ones we are so quick to ignore, neglect and put on the backburner buying into the myth that we need to be sensible, do sensible things and take care of the world and everything else. Well, I say NO MORE putting ourselves last! And Freya is making it really easy for us to remember what is important for our wellbeing and sanity as she shows up dependably each week on Friday, a day dedicated to her powers, magick and beauty. What a blessing!

So I made a decision and a promise to myself and her. Starting today, the first Friday of the new year, I will honor her gifts and her presence and integrate her magick into my life by celebrating her day, Friday, choosing something I fancy, which is fun and fulfilling to enhance my femininity and power as a woman. As the Goddess of fertility, she will help us blossom into the sensual woman creature we naturally are thus supporting our creative endeavors and all we are meant to express. So let us be wise women and receive this free gift and great support.

I invite you to receive her weekly gift and pause a little, ponder what pleasure, sensuality and beauty mean to you. Maybe you would like to start a pleasure journal or create a collage? Since I absolutely adore collages I will create one dedicated to the Goddess Freya and will be back and share my process and insights once it is done. Now choose one thing that catches your fancy and actually go do it, even if just for 15 minutes. Enjoy it! And then come back here and share. I‘ll go first:


Instead of my usual morning routine I gave my somewhat dull looking skin a loving scrub this morning and treated my face to a lavish oil massage, which awakened the desire to add some glamour into my look, so out came the lovely cardigan with the paillettes, enhanced by a soft, dark green scarf which just shows off my crystal ring so well as they sparkle at my every move, making me smile and feel really pampered. Now I am ready to tackle my day gracefully, the strain has evaporated, I feel reconnected to myself, my feet firmly on the ground.

Now it‘s your turn!

Oh, and don‘t think you‘ll get off the hook easily, I‘ll be back next Friday, which I think I will call „Fabulous Friday“ from now on – any other suggestions? – where we will explore and get to know this wonderful Goddess, and all she has to offer us a bit more.

Freya Image - courtsey of Lisa Iris

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