Finding your Point of Serenity or how to end the visual overwhelm

Let‘s talk energy for a moment. No, not the electricity kind, although that also merits some attention, especially if you like to have an elaborate fairy lights decoration, but that‘s for another day.

Over the month of December I‘d like to provide you some inspiration and insights into the management of your own energy, your life force, throughout this most magical month of the year, filled with glitter and sparkle, sounds and smells and a myriad of stuff clamouring for our attention. It can be quite draining on a Sensitive Soul and takes the fun right out of outings, shopping and any other activity we would like to undertake. Since the visual impact during the Season is enormous, fed relentlessly by media and commerce, we‘ll start with that. Your homework is to truly immerse yourself in beauty, daily.


What do I mean by that?

Well, have you ever observed yourself or others when looking at something? Now take a small child and compare the situations. What do you notice? I clearly recall when my younger daughter was a toddler how absolutely absorbed she would be with a piece of wool in her hands; so much so that she completely blended out everything else around her as she explored a simple wool thread for hours.

Now, back to the world of grown ups: Somewhere along the line we lost that quality of being totally present with something not because there was anything spectacular to achieve or gain, no, just for the sheer pleasure of it. At an early age, many of us learned that time was money and not to be wasted, so we better use it “wisely”. We watched our mothers multitask, running from one task to the next, ticking off her too long to-do-list, scrambling to stay on top of everything, all the while juggling at least 3 different projects and we concluded that that was a good trait, something we had to aspire for. Yes, we even brag about our multitasking capabilities! Come on, am I the only one raising her hand?

So we adapted her way of life and made it our own until we realized one day just how exhausted we are, how overwhelmed with all the impressions and everything around us that is screaming for our attention, even if just for a short moment. But we are smart, so “quickly” becomes our new mantra. We take a „quick glance“, we give it a „shot“, we look something over. We proudly decided at some point to go from perfect to quickly in the hope of easing the pressure on our soul and body and in order to save time. Alas, it’s mostly in vain.

Add the Xmas Season with all the visuals thrown at us into the mix and the impression-crash of our internal system is as certain as the amen in church. We are exhausted just thinking about all that the Season brings with it and are secretly or not so secretly relieved when it’s over again for yet another year. How sad!

Well dear Sensitive Soul I am here to tell you that it does not have to be this way and it shouldn’t.

One highly effective way to stop the carousel of overwhelm caused by too many impressions storming at our eyes, blinking and sparkling for our attention as if there was a prize to be won, is to really immerse yourself into what you are looking at.


I know; it is often recommended just to close your eyes and shut everything out in order to come back to that greatly wished for point of serenity. I am sure you have tried that haven’t you? Well, how is that working for you? If you are anything like me probably not so good and certainly not for long. Because let’s face it; the impressions are still there. I see them even with my eyes closed because I know they are there, and I can sense their energy field, so just closing my eyes might soothe my sore eyes for the moment but that’s about it. And trying to find your point of serenity in the middle of overwhelm is near impossible if that is not something you are familiar with.

So what‘s a girl to do?

Well, you stop. Yes, you stop and you take a conscious look at your environment, pick something; an object, a color, a scenery; and really absorb what you see by focusing on this one thing. Intentionally connect with whatever it is you are looking at by breathing deeply and consciously. Give this object your full attention as if you were talking to your best friend.


Now observe:
What is your body doing?
Can you feel those shoulders come down, and your face soften?
Are you letting yourself exhale?
Are you letting your body rearrange itself by following the urge to straighten the spine and to plant your feet firmly on the ground?

I often literally feel how my feet expand and relax; the soles of my feet sink into the shoes, and I imagine my roots grasping down way deep, right into the crystal caves of mother earth. That‘s usually the moment I feel tingles moving up my spine, the energy is building up. I can feel my tired and slumped cells fill up and expand, my mind clears, the monkey chatter fades into the distance until it‘s just a faint mumble.

All of this takes just a few seconds; ok, the first few times it might take a bit longer:) But if I, as the personified impatience can do this, you can too. It‘s a bit like a yoga pose: you have to give yourself permission to really sink into it to experience the benefit of your muscles relaxing and your strength building up. I most warn you though, it gets addictive:)

So dear one give yourself this gift, nurture and cultivate it and over time it will serve you well. A good way to get started is to take yourself outside into nature which will give you the added benefit of fresh air and movement, something most of us lack during the cold season anyway. Choose ONE thing! Maybe you feel drawn to a certain tree, the ducks on the lake, the clouds moving across the sky or a heart shaped stone. Now stop, stand still and immerse yourself.


Oh, and it‘s supposed to be pleasurable, not an other chore on your to-do-list, so be patient and kind with yourself. Treat it as an experiment without any expectations and let the miracle of serenity find you.

I‘d love to know how you are doing with this. Maybe you have your own way of soothing your eyes and dealing with all the visual impressions during the Xmas season? I‘m sure others would appreciate knowing as well, so please share in the comments below.


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    Diana Y says

    My visual overwhelm is beyond tired eyes. When I have to process alot visually – like in the gorcery or numerous demands on my computer screen (emails), I get a visceral insensity that crwls in my body – my arms, hands, torso and evetual dowm my legs. Remocing myself formthe environment is good, yet it take quite a while for the adrenaline type feelingt to disapate – all the while, i use my breath to calm and center,,, I am wonder if you have any suggestions for this – I do wear tinted glasses indoors which helps, yet intnse environments are physically intesne for me. Thanks for any ideas

    • 2


      Diana, thank you for stopping by and for sharing your experience. I do have something to say to this, in fact it’s too much for a quick answer here. So I’ve decided to write about it on the blog soon as there is a lot of misconception about how to handle visual or any other overwhelm for that matter as a sensitive. We need to develop a new understanding and a different perspective otherwise it will always be a struggle, something that trips us up. It does not have to be this way.

      Breathing is of course always a good thing to do.Then there are some major things like mindset and attitude and of course our own personal environment which needs to be in tune with our core values that make all the difference. We need at least our homes to be places that nourish us, so you might like to start there and take stock and assess your situation.

      I’ve come to realize that it’s not about keeping things out of our life, avoiding them or protecting us from them; it’s about learning to integrate these things into our lives and setting up the things and situations we do have control over in a way that serve us best.

      I hope this helps for now and I will expand on this deeper soon.

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