This is not your run of the mill simplify-your-Xmas-thing. This is not about cutting out, eliminating or avoiding, which just covers up the underlying truth and does not sustainably create a pleasurable experience. It is, however, all about putting in, creating, establishing and honoring all that sings to you about this sacred time of the year which is so vitally important for our soul and our wellbeing as we all are part of the natural cycles of the light and the seasons.

We dive deep into ourselves and connect with our core values, creating our unique Xmas Treasure Map and establish our own golden guidelines framed by beauty & passion, two of the most powerful forces in our lives. It’s a rich buffet of possibilities and inspiration where each is free to choose and experiment and choose again, finding their way home to their own sacred practices, rituals and experiences, and bringing the true spirit of Xmas back to our modern lives, all the while creating and implementing practical strategies and ways to make this season and everything it brings with it pleasurable, peaceful and deeply nourishing.

Treasure Map

We create a Xmas Treasure Map, a Dream Collage, a budget, work lists for each section etc.

We dive into:

  • It all starts with WHY: uncover the essence of your unique Xmas experience; a process to your unique core Xmas values. This is the foundation for everything that follows.
  • Money Talk: creating a tailor made spending-strategy
  • Goddess Talk: meet the Goddesses of the Season

Then we take a look at all the pieces that could go into your Xmas season, and we do this from an energetically, historical and practical standpoint.


Sections are:

  • Gifts: The art of giving & receiving / everything around gifting plus some charity-suggestions & our own donation from revenue generated
  • Cards: Written Blessings
  • Decorations: Sparkles of Joy
  • Candles & Fires: Sacred Flames:
  • Wreaths: Circles of Hope
  • Advents Calendars: Pockets full of Love
  • Tablescapes: Gratitude for Deliciousness
  • Tree: Tree of Blessings
  • Wine & Dine: Turn your cooking into a sacred act!
  • Rituals: Your sacred path to nurturing your soul: This is not a separate section, but integrated into every subtopic of the guide, as there are rituals for everything and the reader is encouraged to create her own. I also go back in time and shine a light on certain rituals.
  • Keeping your Energy together: Energy leaks & what to do about them
  • Yuletide: The void between the years; meaning & tips for activities

This is not a typical Magazine-style issue, as it is made up as a guide with sections that build on each other, but can also be used separately.


I hope you will enjoy this journey to your unique serene Xmas experience as much as I have enjoyed creating this guide for you.

Oh, would you like to “hear” what other Super Sensitive Souls have to say about it? You can find some of the love notes here.

You can grab your edition here or down below, your investment into a serene Xmas experience is only Euro 5  ($ 6 plus something, depending on exchange rate) – my Xmas gift to you (yes, future Special Editions will cost more).

Oh, and 10 % of all sales generated go to ShesTheFirst.org – my way of giving back.

So get yourself a cup of tea, cuddle up and enjoy!

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