I am delighted to present you the Homeing Issue! You can still your curiosity with this sweet little preview. Enjoy!


Our homes and the spaces we spend the most part of the day in are our second skin and thus merit some extra careful tending and attention. How we create and set up our environment determines how supported, nourished, replenished and fueled we are. It is a reflection of where we are at in our lives and where we want to go. And it is crucial for the wellbeing of a Super Sensitive Soul as this is our haven, our sanctuary where we go to withdraw from all the outer influences attacking our senses. But what are we retreating to?

For many this is still somewhat a mystery and all the glossy magazines with their impressive images of emptiness and styled perfection are not really helpful but often add to the confusion and leave the questions unanswered.

This issue of Diva Mystic Magazine will shine a light on The Art of Making Your House a Home and a space a sacred sanctuary.

Below is an overview of what you will find inside these 100 +  pages of rich content which was made possible thanks to the fabulous work of our 13 lovely Contributors. Thank you so much Lovelies! You can meet them here and of course in the Magazine.

Now to the overview:




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Oh, and 10 % of all Sales from this issue will go to goodweave.de, a division of goodweave.org to help end child labour in the carpet industry. You can learn more about goodweave and their mission here.

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