All of us have a working life of some sorts, be it that we are working, full- or part time, for someone else or on our own account – and yes, being a HFFM (house, food & family manager) falls under that category. And at one point or another most of us end up overwhelmed, overworked and completely burnt out.

The passion and pleasure that fueled us is only a faded memory. We are torn between our work and the rest of our life; struggle to restore some kind of balance and battle the should- and guilt demons.

Reason enough to dedicate our attention and time to this important topic that touches and effects us all and the ones we love and live with.

As Sensitives we have completely, I mean COMPLETELY different requirements for a work style and -life that suits our sensitivity and our way of being and interacting than what is the practiced norm. Yet we often don‘t acknowledge let alone live that. We have more questions than answers and lack the encouragement and support to create and implement the necessary changes and adapt new ways.

The Working Girl Issue - will shine a light on what it means to Work the Sensitive’s Way. A way that drastically reduces overwhelm and burnout, two of the main struggle and pain points of many Sensitives. It is intended to bring pleasure, purpose and passion back to our lives. Yes, our lives as a whole because I believe it‘s time to heal the separation between those two parts.

  • Read what best selling author and teacher Jennifer Louden has to say on working the Sensitive’s way.
  • Enjoy an extensive interview with successful blogger, author and community builder Jodi Chapman.
  • Feast your eyes on gorgeous images and fill your reservoir and toolkit with inspiration and insights on 130 + pages from 16 beautiful Sensitive Souls.

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