Core Spaces and why you need one NOW

Core Space And Why You Need One

Today it’s high time to talk about your CORE SPACE, what it is and why you need one.

Like right now.

And no, there are no excuses to not have one.

Or are you not the mistress of your home?

Ah, thought so.

I saddens me to see that so many sensitive women are missing out on something so fundamental to their personal and business wellbeing. Yes, the two are, of course, interconnected because it’s you running your business. It is a reflection of you and what’s going on in your life.

As is your home. It is a real life barometer of where you are at and how you are doing.

Your core space is like a lifeline back to yourself. 

So without further ado dive into the article I wrote for the Homeing-Issue-The Art of Making a House a Home of my e-mag Diva Mystic Magazine (you can get a sneak peek over here). But first things first. Oh, you are welcome :)

Homeing-Issue Diva Mystic Magazine


Having moved more times than I can remember – I stopped counting after 40 moves – and having worked as a beauty consultant and a realtor visiting and selling peoples‘ homes I learned a thing or two about this little word „home“ which means so many different things to different people.

It started me on a decades long journey of exploration and experimentation which has turned into a great passion. I am forever decorating and redecorating my space, bringing in or releasing what I require to feel at home and to create a home that reflects who I am and where I am going. But I digress.

I was fascinated by the fact that, for some, it seemed to be second nature to create a vibrant, warm, welcoming home full of life and laughter regardless of money and square meters while others were clearly just living within 4 walls, rooms bare of any of the qualities we generally associate with home.

And then there are the cookie-cutters, the people living in presentable, nice places where everything looks impeccable, and efforts have clearly been made to create a certain look.

Yet there is this slight disconnect, something that is off that makes you feel like an intruder and lets you tiptoe your way around, afraid of leaving a footprint. You perch on the edge of the chair reluctant to place your glass on the polished table for fear it will leave a stain.

Well, I found that every home is made up of different parts just like we have different facets to our being.

There are the public parts, the private ones, the community areas, general spaces and hopefully the personalized ones. Anne Knorr talks about this in her book Sacred Space at Home. She compares it to the structure of a tabernacle, an elaborate desert tent used for worship.

Sacred Space at Home Book   

So while they all fulfill an important role in the whole construction that makes up a functional home, together with other ingredients that need to be considered, there is an essential part that is often overlooked, neglected or even completely missing.

This is the part that when asked about people look back at me with a blank gaze or they automatically refer to their living- or tv-room without really understanding the deeper meaning of this space called CORE SPACE or SOUL SPACE, your personal temple so to speak.

And no, I‘m not referring to an altar, although that can be part of your core space.

I‘m referring to that space that is utterly yours.

The space where you feel completely safe, nourished and relaxed. The space where you drop your shields and masks because you don‘t need them here. The space that replenishes and re-energizes you every time you take the time to go there. It can be a whole room or just a space within a room.

Core Space And Why You Need One.1

For me, that space is my leather couch sitting across from my desk in my workspace. Here I can curl up with my journals, books and iPad. Here I come to write my heart out, ponder tarot spreads, create vision boards and collage. Sometimes I read until dawn breaks because I feel so held and secure that I forget time and tiredness. Here I can dream without limitations knowing that my dreams and desires are mine to own and express.

What‘s fascinating to observe is that the energy radiating from this core space is truly special and sacred.

Long before my man  and I had a discussion about our core spaces as individuals and as a couple – yes, you can have more than one core space with different qualities to it – I noticed that when he comes to visit me in my workspace he always asks whether its ok for him to be there. Without him knowing he intuitively sensed that this is sacred ground and treated it with reference. I do the same when I enter his space, taking extra care in dusting his trinkets and gadgets.

Our core space as a couple, our little kitchen, has a completely different quality to it. Yet it also holds these qualities of safeness, of nourishment literally and figuratively.

Although we have other beautiful, larger spaces in our 200 year old farmhouse, the kitchen is the place we are drawn to the most. It is here we cultivate our ritual of preparing delicious meals together, it is here we meet for a quick lunch or cup of tea on the weekends before we each go and do our thing. It is here we have most of our important conversations, apart from our hikes with our dog lady. It is here we feel safe and comfortable enough to open up and share from our heart.

Core Space And Why You Need One.2

Creating and cultivating a core space, a personal temple, as an individual, especially if you a Super Sensitive Soul, is a key requirement to feeling at home and having a home that can fulfill its true purpose and serve you well.

This I wish for you on your homeing journey.

Now, off you go to create or cultivate your core space.

Or you could gather some ideas from the book A Room of Her Own  by Chris Casson Madden and let yourself be inspired by the women sharing their core spaces.

A Room Of Her Own Book   

Yes, they need to be maintained and used regularly in order to fulfill their part of the job.

You wouldn’t like to be taken out to air just twice a year either would you? Well then….

More on living with your core space and making the best use of it coming soon.

Oh, and don’t forget to share yours on Instagram using the #corespaces or on Facebook, I’d be delighted to be granted a glimpse.

And if you find yourself stuck on this one, then give me a hoot on Twitter and let’s have a conversation, I’d love to help you out.




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    What a lovely post, Romy, and one I need to contemplate. I do have a core space, but realize I haven’t claimed it such. It’s the desk where I write plus the sofa next to it. I plan to consecrate it first thing tomorrow! And thanks for the great book recommendations. They give me so many ideas.

    • 2


      How lovely to see you here, Debra! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I am delighted that my words inspire you to claim your core space, you will get so much out of it. And of course I’m curious to know just what will transpire from it :) The book “A room of her own” is only available as used copy as far as I know but oh so worth having one. And who knows, you might even find some inspiration for your own amazing blog in the stories shared by these wonderful women.

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