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 Meet our lovely Contributors for the Homeing Issue:


Aarathi Selvan_Bio2   Aarathi Selvan 

is a licensed psychotherapist, mindfulness guide and a contemplative artist. She practices and teachers mindful motherhood. She runs an ecourse called Happiness is Your Nature: 30 days to a Joyful Motherhood and runs a free private facebook group for mothers. You can meet her at:

AarathiSelvan.com / FACEBOOK / TWITTER / E-COURSE


Andrea Belarruti   Andrea Belarutti

is a Mexican daydreamer, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and an expert in crazy, deep transformation. She helps soulful, spiritual entrepreneurs transform their lives and businesses from the inside out. She shares her thoughts on love, yoga and prosperity at her digital tea party:



CigdemKobu   Cigdem Kobu

is a writer, business mentor and builder of personal growth communities. She helps quiet-loving, creative women enjoy peaceful triumphs in life, work and art. You can meet her at:



Dee   Deanne Kalda

believes in the profound healing power of aromatherapy and bio-individuality. With a very personalised approach she supports women to connect with nature, eat real nourishing food and restore balance, harmony and beauty to their lives and to make the deep life-lasting changes they desire. You can meet her at:

maaorganics.com.au / FACEBOOK / TWITTER


Donna   Donna Johnson

is a Homemaker who writes and makes mixed media and fiber art. She seeks Joy in her everyday ordinary and loves to share it with others. She can be found blogging and pinning madly at:

JoyfullyDonna.blogspot.com  / PINTEREST


GE DIGITAL CAMERA   Ginger Mae White

is a Reiki Master, Certified Ethical Intuitive Consultant, Certified Crystal Healer and Advanced Crystal Master, shamanic practitioner, published writer, aromatherapist, Priestess Initiate, and holistic life coach. She offers subtle harmony and gentle clarity to help women with times of shadow, stress, anxiety, and life transitions.



Hannah BraimeWeb   Hannah Braime

is the founder of Becoming Who You Are, where you can find tools and resources that will calm your inner critic and nourish your inner cheerleader. Get  the free ebook “The Five Most Common Blocks to Authentic Living… and How to Overcome Them” at:



LisaRosatiWeb   Lisa Marie Rosati

is a renowned Inner Goddess Catalyst for women and the Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan & Sugar Free Goddess. She mentors women around the world on how to become a Modern Day Goddess by consciously designing how to get their health back, balance their feminine and masculine energies, ignite the fire within their souls and live a luscious goddess life. Meet her at:


GoddessLifestylePlan.com / FACEBOOK / TWITTER / PINTEREST


Lisa's fave headshot   Lisa Zahn

is a life coach, writer, wife and homeschooling mother of two. She works with thoughtful, smart people who long to take a leading role in their lives, remember who they are and live their life from the heart. Lisa loves being a catalyst for positive change. You can meet her at:



MaryCaelstoNew   Mary Calesto

lives in the Ozarks with her partner and a menagerie of animals, all of which inspire her daily. She’s a published author who uses her writing and different energy-work modalities to help writers love what they do, and to this she adds her love of pets to help create harmonic people-pet relationships. Visit her at:

MuseCharmer.com / HarmonicPets.com


Robin   Robin Chellis

is an Intuitive Coach who works with individuals who feel lost & paralyzed in their life, but know there is something much greater to life.  She helps guide them to find their joy, their soul’s desires and their value through art, movement, sound, writing and energy healing so that they feel nourished, restored and full of sparkle! Join her at:



Tara Leaver   Tara Leaver

a writer and artist, uses her experiences with making art, her intuitive gifts and her knowledge of energy healing to encourage and support courageous souls to reconnect with their creative selves. „Creative Spark“, her book and ecourse, are helping people rediscover their long lost inner artists. The book is available on Amazon and Etsy.



vicky_April12   Vicky White

is an Inner Feng Shui Coach, writer, award-winning photographer, retreat leader and teacher. She helps creative, sensitive mid-life women reinvent themselves and create space for passion, purpose and adventure, and do what they are here to do. Her virtual home is at: