Winds of Change & Eye Candy


It’s a stormy, chilly and wet Monday here at Diva Mystic Headquarters. Sitting here, all bundled up, slightly disgruntled at this cold spell we’ve been having with a yearning in my heart to throw open the windows and feel the sun on my bare skin, a visual of Col Mitchell’s colorful spring birds flashes into my awareness.

So, while the crackling fire in my work space is slowly spreading some warmth and lifting my mood I smile as I open the current issue of Diva Mystic Magazine, Working Girl – Work the Sensitive’s Way – and flip through the pages until I find her beautiful feature.

A feature I would like to share with you all today, to bring a little color, brightness and inspiration to you. In it you will also have the pleasure of delighting in the sheer beauty of her studio location. I think I could live there!


Her adorable spring birds remind me of the wonderful concert I was blessed to hear a few days ago while in the woods with my dog lady. It wasn’t just a wild cacophony of sound it was a harmonious, deeply beautiful concert with the swooshing of the rain drenched trees framing this glorious presentation of joy and vibrant life.

So, dear one, while the winds of change might be blowing fresh things into your life and carrying old debris away, relax for a moment.

Just. one. moment.

Your to-do list and all your shoulds will still be there after your little pause. Oh yes, it’s a great way to start the new week, with a pause.

Try it!

After that, if you find you really don’t like this way, you can come back here and argue with me but first, pause. Hmmm…. maybe this would be a good moment to let the stormy winds pick up those shoulds and whirl them off into neverland. You don’t need them. Not today. Not now.

Give yourself a breath and a break and a moment of bliss and enjoy these gorgeous images and let your heart be touched by the messages of these feathered friends and inspired by our little chat.








I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Col Mitchell’s world. You can learn more about her here or connect with her at

And you can grab your personal copy of this issue at the Shop.

Have a glorious Monday!


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      Love your honesty, Alison and you know, I had the same reaction :) I mean, just look at that garden, it is amazing! I believe that envy is a healthy human emotion, it shows us what’s important to us and might just ignite a spark to create some of the essence of what that particular situation is all about and bring that essence into our own lives. In my case this means I take care to have flowers and blooming plants in my workspace and to take the time to cultivate a beautiful space, regardless of where I am.

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