Messages from The Lady of the Lake: Swan Medicine

Swan Feathers, Rosequartz

About a week ago I happened upon a bouquet of gorgeous swan feathers down by the lake. Now, while I’m used to being gifted feathers of all kinds regularly, this was a premiere. I was exhilarated and deeply touched. For decades I have been admiring these incredibly beautiful, proud, graceful and mystical creatures. I think [...]

Thank God it’s Mercury Retrograde!

Sunset+Rose / Mercury Retrograde

No, I’m not being ironic. And, no, I’m not joking. I am dead serious. Yes, that kind of serious. It’s that time of year again, the time where you fall over your own words or manage to create a thought muddle that takes you a week to entangle. That time where you secretly or maybe [...]

The Power of February


  Today is Imbolc the second stop on the wheel of the year and the day dedicated to the Celtic triple Goddess Brigid, in her maiden form, symbolizing purification, new beginnings, healing and fire. She is the Goddess of craft and creativity so working with her to bring dormant passion back into our creative endeavors is [...]