Happy Moments of Summer:

happy moments of summer

In June I had the inspiration to start documenting my happy moments of the month as a reminder of all the glorious things life delivers. In case you’re a curious soul like me it is right here. And wouldn’t you know it, I totally forgot to do that for the last few months! Yikes! But [...]

Happy Moments of June 2014

Happy Moments in June Collage

Sometimes I have a hard time recalling everything that happened during a week, let alone a whole month. Which I find kinda sad, especially when it comes to the magical moments that tend to get lost in the chaos and drama of everyday life. Am I the only one? Well anyway, I decided it was [...]

A Caleidoscope of Magic & Beauty: Xmas 2013


Dear Sensitive Soul, I sincerely hope you had a magical Xmas experience, in whatever form you chose to celebrate or be during these days. Xmas is so much more than just presents, food, family and fun. It can be a month of magic and beauty, deep connection to yourself and your desires, a time of [...]

The Stars are within reach


  The stars are within reach today We just need to stop long enough to notice. They are patiently waiting in all their glory until we are ready to wander by with an open heart and seeing eyes, grateful hands willing to touch and bless. The stars are within your reach today Stop. Notice. Touch. [...]

A Daily Dose of Beauty


Beauty is mandatory for a Super Sensitive Soul! Yes, I deeply believe this and know this to be true. I invite you to follow me on this journey of consciously seeking out Beauty, cultivating it, honoring it, growing it and sharing it because: * Beauty nourishes our soul. * Beauty inspires our thoughts and actions. [...]