A Caleidoscope of Magic & Beauty: Xmas 2013


Dear Sensitive Soul, I sincerely hope you had a magical Xmas experience, in whatever form you chose to celebrate or be during these days. Xmas is so much more than just presents, food, family and fun. It can be a month of magic and beauty, deep connection to yourself and your desires, a time of [...]

A Daily Dose of Beauty


Beauty is mandatory for a Super Sensitive Soul! Yes, I deeply believe this and know this to be true. I invite you to follow me on this journey of consciously seeking out Beauty, cultivating it, honoring it, growing it and sharing it because: * Beauty nourishes our soul. * Beauty inspires our thoughts and actions. [...]

The Art of Giving


There’s a lot of talk lately about cutting gifts out of the Xmas equation or minimizing that to the kids. Ahhhhh, huge sigh of relief; another chore ticked off our gigantic Xmas-list with the added benefit of lots of saved money. REALLY??? Does that truly make you feel happy inside? Or isn’t there a slight [...]

Santa is coming….!


  Saaaanta Claus is coming to town…. Santa Claus is coming to town……. Santa.Claus. is. coming. to. town….. raise your voices here lovelies… My dog lady hates it when I sing and usually takes off, yes I’m THAT bad:) But she graciously agreed to pose for you, well, almost; it took a piece of her [...]