A Diva Mystic is a woman who:

  • accepts that her sensitivity is her biggest asset
  • loves to cultivate beauty & magick in her life
  • believes that beauty is a force that changes worlds because ugliness can not prevail where true beauty lives
  • thrives on beauty
  • attunes her senses to the beauty within and without
  • does not tolerate ugliness of any kind
  • knows that mediocrity will no longer do
  • is willing to let her sleeping beauty out to play
  • has a desire to leave a wake of beauty wherever she goes
  • enjoys the magic & miracles of living a Diva Mystic lifestyle
  • knows that her sensitivity is the golden key to the messages of her soul, her desires and needs leading her to crystal clarity about herself and others
  • learns to understand and honor her sensitivity
  • understands that her sensitivity is the inbuilt compass that guides her to her north star, keeping her from straying into the wilds of confusion & overwhelm
  • experiences her sensitivity more and more as a gift instead of a burden
  • is willing to look beyond the obvious
  • seeks her truth and expresses it freely
  • faces her shadows and gets to know herself intimately
  • loves to contribute to this thing called life

This magazine & virtual haven are dedicated to you Loyely, so welcome & step inside!

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