A Fatal Rendevouz With Laundry – First Class Life Lesson

Ironing the laundry that had been piling up over the last few weeks I deeply experienced the power of completion and what it really means and opens up to. Yes, I know, I have been talking about this topic a LOT lately because I believe it is so essential for us Super Sensitive Souls, a key ingredient that belongs into the toolbox of every sensitive.

Completion gives us a chance to truly let go, because we are no longer busy investing our energy: time, thoughts, physical actions and avoidance strategies. Yes, you read that right! Avoidance strategies take up a ton of our energy!

Have you ever noticed just how good we get at avoiding certain things? We claim to have higher, nobler priorities, like saving the world, so we don’t have time to do mundane, seemingly stupid tasks like house chores. So we have become experts in pulling out our favorite blouse from the middle of the stack while at the same time juggling to keep the stack from toppling over, shuffling unfinished projects around while keeping up a busy attitude and slaloming around that book box that is collecting dust while awaiting its new future which is yet to be defined.

Am I the only one doing this? REALLY? Ok, in that case you are off the hook and have just gained time to go do something else, maybe iron:) Or you might like to read on, since you are here and at least have a laugh, or two, which would be a great return on your time-investment.


All of a sudden ironing my garments became a sacred act filled with reverence, gratefulness and true appreciation for the thing in front of me. I looked at it with new eyes and instead of sighing because it was kinda tedious to iron those pailette-studded jeans I suddenly noticed how well made they were and honestly admired the skill it clearly took to put these together. I felt an emotional connection to the people who had invested their energy into providing me with this piece of clothing as I realized the deeper truth of completion.

Doing the laundry is the last step in the cycle of getting myself dressed. Just like doing the dishes is the last step of the feeding-myself-cycle. It’s the NOT completing of a natural cycle that causes drama, stress, problems, more work, it‘s the interruption and break-up of what naturally wants to proceed that cause the strain.

If we learn to honor all stages of the cycle of a certain procedure like getting dressed, putting food on the table, providing a comfortable and safe sleeping space etc. then things just flow easily, and tasks don’t exhaust us that much. They take up some of our energy, yes, that’s the normal state of functioning, but they take up just as much as needed and not more.

If we stop the stressing and lamenting and procrastination over certain tasks, we actually allow ourselves to open up to the pleasure sphere. Yes, ironing can be a pleasure if I am aware, really consciously aware of what I am actually doing! Believe me, I NEVER thought I‘d say something like this, but I guess that‘s what happens when we allow ourselves to really look at the truth of the matter.

All this talk about planning for the new year, jumpstarting, kickstarting or whatever other terminology and phrases are proclaimed from the marketing rooftops doesn’t make any sense at all if we don’t first complete.

And now I understand why I had felt such a huge resistance to planning, to dreaming even. And when I did sit down with the intention to envision my new year all I felt was a cold, lifeless void sucking the life force right out of me. I ended up feeling frustrated, stressed and strangely numb.

While ironing that pile of laundry on Christmas morning, it dawned on me that I had not been honoring this need for completion within me. Oh yes, I had written about it just a week ago, because I had been hearing its call for a while, but I still did not really comprehend just how crucial this step of completion was to my wellbeing, my vibrancy factor and my ability to access my dreams which were covered and suffocated under a pile of laundry, newspapers and magazines, unfiled bills and papers, an overflowing inbox, too many loose notes fluttering around, unwritten words, unworded ideas, undiscussed discussions, incomplete business tasks and unsorted information overload.


Nearing the bottom of the laundry basket, I started feeling restless, tired, reluctant. My movements slowed down, flowed less. I more or less dragged the iron over the material instead of allowing it to gracefully glide, and I had this enormous desire to stop for now, put it aside and finish it some other day.

That’s when the lightbulb went off so strongly it illuminated the whole house: I wanted to stop right before the end, not half way through, which would have been quite fine and understandable, no I wanted to stop right before the end! And at this moment of crystal clarity, standing in the white light of truth I realized, I did that with lots of other things, as well. I gave up, quit, called it a day, right before the end way too many times in business, in relationships, with my health, practicing new skills, creating something. I walked away shortly before I got to enjoy the blessings of completion.

So instead of recharging my battery by basking in the nourishing, uplifting glow of completion and the empty space I had just created I got stuck in the mud of yet another thing still on my to-do-list already having another task in my focus because, of course, my guilt gremlin was gnarling loudly at me, so rest was out of the question anyway. No wonder I was feeling depleted and uninspired! All I could see were all the unfinished things clamoring for my attention, impatiently reminding me, that I had so much to do.

Has this experience changed my approach to the new year and to the way I want to experience my days? You bet! It has taken the strain and pressure of having to come up with something presentable and acceptable right out of my troubled mind and made room for the truth of my heart to expand and shine. It has changed the way I approach a new day, and it has finally allowed me to fall in with natures natural rhythm of hibernation and renewal, by giving me permission to purge, ponder, plan and prepare for whatever wants to come forth.

This is my wish for you as well, dear one. May you experience the blessings of completion and the freedom of flowing with the season.

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