A Diva Mystic is a Woman who…. & a Summer Gift for You!


It is about time I made you a little summery something to enhance your hopefully sunny days even more.

Here in Switzerland one could believe the weather gods have deserted the country, it’s been raining and windy all week, sigh. So, all of you Lovelies on the other side of the globe I’m right there with you with cardigans, socks, scarfs and loads of warm tea.

Ok, now I’ve complained let’s move on to the reason for this post today. In both Diva Mystic Magazine issues, Homeing and Working Girl – you do have your copy, don’t you? – there is a DIVA MYSTIC MANIFESTO page made up of the gorgeous artwork of two of my lovely online friends:

Tara Leaver Woman Tara Leaver from TaraLeaver.com and

Col Mitchell TreeCol Mitchell from ColMitchell.com

Aren’t those images just stunning?

We super sensitive women are so used to our sensitivity that we often forget just how precious it is. The Manifesto is intended to gently remind you of your biggest asset, your sensitivity.

So, since it’s a very special day today – it’s raining and windy and Thursday – I decided to create a Happy Moment and let you not just see the goodness but also HAVE it!

And, you get to choose your favourite or you grab them both. Maybe one for your workspace and one for your bathroom?



Diva Mystic ManifestoTree

Yes, you can download your very own DIVA MYSTIC MANIFESTO, print it out, frame it or just tack it on a wall somewhere where you’ll see it frequently. You can download your file here: Manifesto

Enjoy and pass the magic on to a sensitive friend!



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