A Daily Dose of Beauty


Beauty is mandatory for a Super Sensitive Soul!

Yes, I deeply believe this and know this to be true. I invite you to follow me on this journey of consciously seeking out Beauty, cultivating it, honoring it, growing it and sharing it because:

* Beauty nourishes our soul.
* Beauty inspires our thoughts and actions.
* Beauty makes us smile.
* Beauty opens our hearts and our hands.
* Beauty draws us in.
* Beauty helps us quiet our monkey mind and let‘s us be still in a noisy world.
* Beauty is all around us, always there, ready to be noticed.
* Beauty calls us home, home to our selves, to what‘s truly important.
* Beauty invites us to see; really see with our eyes and hearts and all of our senses.
* Beauty helps us relax, to exhale, to just be.
* Beauty wants to be cultivated.
* Beauty is contagious.
* Beauty speaks directly to our hearts in a language we long to hear.
* Beauty soothes our burning eyes, easing the overwhelm.
* Beauty heals our wounded hearts and washes away our grief.
* Beauty triumphs over the ugly, always.
* Beauty holds the magic.
* Beauty is divine and sacred.
* Beauty is a gift from the Goddess.
* Beauty is the source of life.
* Beauty is free.
* Beauty always was, is and will be.

In honor of the Beauty of life and because we so often just rush right past it, without stopping to breath, smelling the roses, relaxing our mind and body and feeding our spirit I want to offer you a Dose of Beauty. Take it in, connect with it‘s life affirming energy, stop just for a second before moving on with your day.

And because it‘s my favorite season of the year, I will start with all the glory Christmas has to offer us. Enjoy! And I hope you stop by often to feed your beautiful soul a Dose of Beauty.



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    I couldn’t agree more with you!.Beauty is essential for a woman for so many reasons. I have always been attracted to beauty in all its forms. Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us!

    Bright Blessings for a glorious holiday season 2013…

    Lisa Marie Rosati
    Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan & Sugar Free Goddess

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      Oh, so nice to see you here Lisa, thanks for stopping by! Yes, beauty is one of those things that has been distorted and made wrong for way too long. And I am taking a stand for this. It pains me, when I see how especially women have trouble acknowledging their own beauty, let alone cultivate it. Happy to be on this journey with you Lisa, there’s still so much to do to help reinstall what we once just automatically knew to be true. And you model this so beautifully, love it!

      Grazie for the blessings, which I happily send your way as well, topped with sparkle, glitter and lots of fairy dust:)

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