A Caleidoscope of Magic & Beauty: Xmas 2013

Dear Sensitive Soul, I sincerely hope you had a magical Xmas experience, in whatever form you chose to celebrate or be during these days. Xmas is so much more than just presents, food, family and fun. It can be a month of magic and beauty, deep connection to yourself and your desires, a time of completing, releasing, relaxing and preparation for what is to come.

As you have probably realized by now, the Xmas season is my favorite time of the year, a time I enjoy immensely. And I would love to share the magic and beauty of it with you. I invite you to stroll through my Xmas world, so I have assembled a collection of impressions, glimpses into my life. Enjoy!


24 days of wonderment…


A box filled with natures gifts collected on my walks, gathered in the garden and taken from our woodstack. Oh, and I had to add a woolen heart and some blim, of course.


Awaiting a styling. Although, doesn’t she look gorgeous just the way she is? It was love at first sight! This year we decided to have our tree early and that was such a good decision as I have been having a blast decorating with leisure, arranging and rearranging, adding on and on and on…. What a delight!


I found this little cute guy on a shopping trip. Just HAD to take him home:)


Mystical snow walk on one of the rare days we got to enjoy some snow.


Deliciousness baked by a friend. We call these little guys “Grittibänze” in Switzerland and they turn up in the bakeries around the day of St. Nikolaus, our version of Santa.


Ah, the beauty and purity of white.


More goodness from mother nature. I absolutely adore this basket sitting in front of our house entrance.


Enjoying some cozy girl-time.


Treasures found while shopping with my girl friend in Konstanz; a yearly tradition that has become dear to us. I believe that shopping can be a sacred act, soulfood for a sensitives’ soul. I even wrote about it, you can enjoy my musings here.


Can you smell the lovely scent of the cookies wafting through the house? My man and I had fun making these. Yep, the bats are his:)


Angel blessings.


Preparing a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. There’s something special about sitting down to a beautifully adorned table. And of course I already have some new inspirations for next time around. One thing I know, I love to decorate tables and will certainly do more throughout the year. I mean there are just SO many great opportunities and there’s also one of my favorites: for no reason at all, just for the sheer delight of it.


Launching the first edition ever of Diva Mystic Magazine. What a labor of love it was! And so well received, I am deeply touched. You can find out, what all the excitement is about here. Yes, I know, Xmas is over for this year. But maybe you would like to enhance your Xmas experience, turn it into a memorable time, something you really look forward to, without the stress, strain and overwhelm for once? Well then, this is for you dear one.


Isn’t this little cupcake just adorable? It’s one of my favorite ornaments this year.


I just LOVE these cards. I have been keeping them for years. Hmmm…. maybe I could turn them into a little collage and frame them? Just jotted this idea down in my Xmas Treasure Map, my personal guide for all things Xmas. It will be a fun little project for next season and in the meantime I will be on the look out for some more cards to add.


Fly angel fly! My girlfriend has this lovely little Bed & Breakfast place with a bistro that she opens for special occasions. And what could be more special than a Xmas celebration? Oh, if you are ever nearby, do yourself a favor and visit: www.rhyweg4.ch And she makes the best cakes ever!


Waiting for the snow…


One of my favorite things to do: wrapping gifts. I so enjoy playing with different wrappings, ribbons and little ornaments to add on. I already have some ideas for next season:) Yes, I promise to share here in time.


Celebrating Solstice, the return of the Light. What a joyous moment filled with the promise of a new cycle and the return of warmth, growth and blossoming. For me it’s always a time of deep introspection, connecting to my truth, my desires, my values, the woman I want to see blossoming come spring. Holy Days for sure!


Journaling, dreaming, reading in my Xmas Fairy Headquarters, one of my favorite places to relax during the 5th Season.


These little guys make me smile each time I come up or down the stairs.


So pretty!


This year I was blessed with the energy of the deer, one of the animals that have kept showing up in my life this year with her message of kindness and grace. So of course deer and her family are a part of my Xmas experience as well.




The magic of Xmas is everywhere, even where you least expect it. I found this beautiful Xmas altar on one of my walks.

Thank you for letting me share my Xmas experience with you! It’s been a pleasure to stroll with you and I would love nothing more than to see you in this safe space often, as often as you need a dose of magick and beauty, a deep breath or some inspiration on living life the Sensitives’ way.

Oh, there’s lots of space below in case you would like to share your Xmas with us. I always get so inspired by the sharings of others, so please do. Big Xmas hugs.





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