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Happy Moments of Summer:

happy moments of summer

In June I had the inspiration to start documenting my happy moments of the month as a reminder of all the glorious things life delivers. In case you’re a curious soul like me it is right here. And wouldn’t you know it, I totally forgot to do that for the last few months! Yikes! But [...]

Core Spaces and why you need one NOW

Core Space And Why You Need One

Today it’s high time to talk about your CORE SPACE, what it is and why you need one. Like right now. And no, there are no excuses to not have one. Or are you not the mistress of your home? Ah, thought so. I saddens me to see that so many sensitive women are missing [...]

Messages from The Lady of the Lake: Swan Medicine

Swan Feathers, Rosequartz

About a week ago I happened upon a bouquet of gorgeous swan feathers down by the lake. Now, while I’m used to being gifted feathers of all kinds regularly, this was a premiere. I was exhilarated and deeply touched. For decades I have been admiring these incredibly beautiful, proud, graceful and mystical creatures. I think [...]

Happy Moments of June 2014

Happy Moments in June Collage

Sometimes I have a hard time recalling everything that happened during a week, let alone a whole month. Which I find kinda sad, especially when it comes to the magical moments that tend to get lost in the chaos and drama of everyday life. Am I the only one? Well anyway, I decided it was [...]

Thank God it’s Mercury Retrograde!

Sunset+Rose / Mercury Retrograde

No, I’m not being ironic. And, no, I’m not joking. I am dead serious. Yes, that kind of serious. It’s that time of year again, the time where you fall over your own words or manage to create a thought muddle that takes you a week to entangle. That time where you secretly or maybe [...]

The Art of Creating Order – a Book Review


Do you associate organizing your space with a tedious, never-ending to-do? Do words like declutter and minimize come to mind? Do those words make you sigh? It’s all right to admit it, dear one, go ahead, be honest. Allow yourself – maybe for the first time? – to realize that you not just adore your [...]

Winds of Change & Eye Candy


  It’s a stormy, chilly and wet Monday here at Diva Mystic Headquarters. Sitting here, all bundled up, slightly disgruntled at this cold spell we’ve been having with a yearning in my heart to throw open the windows and feel the sun on my bare skin, a visual of Col Mitchell’s colorful spring birds flashes [...]